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        Wellcome to senhai!

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        Contact person: Stephen
        MOBILE:+86-156 2176 8988
        FAX: 0536 - 8326286
        ADD:2768, Minzhu Street, Weifang Economic Development Zone, Weifang, China
        ZuozuoMu 1KS-2100 Yam Ditching and Scarifying machine
        List: Time:2017-11-19

        Product Introduction:
             This machine collect all the advantages and characteristics of many kinds of long length tuberous crops from domestic and abroad, with high ditching depth, small power consumption, high working efficiency and the Chinese yam will grow well!。
         Requirements of the farm tractor
        1.Must have the creeper gear shift;
        2.Must have the dual stage clutch;
        3.Except the lift hydraulic , must have another independent control hydraulic circuit;
        4.PTO Speed: 540(720)r/min。
        Technical Parameters:

        Item Unit Parameters
        Model No. / 1KS-2100
        Dimensions(L×W×H) mm 2650×2500×2450
        Structure Weight kg 810
        Equipped power kW 40.4-58.8
        The rotate speed of knives roller r/min 83
        The turning radius of knives roller cm 85
        Width of trench cm 16
        PTO speed r/min 540
        Max. depth of trench
        cm 100
        Working speed km/h 0.3-0.6
        Row distance cm 110、100 、90
        Rows row 2