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        Wellcome to senhai!

        Service telephone0536-8326386
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        Contact person: Stephen
        MOBILE:+86-156 2176 8988
        FAX: 0536 - 8326286
        ADD:2768, Minzhu Street, Weifang Economic Development Zone, Weifang, China
        ZuozuoMu 4UZ-1 Potato harvesting machine
        List: Time:2017-11-19

        This self-propelled tuberous crops( potato, sweet potato, ginger) harvester machine be developed by our company and Shandong Science and Technology College, which collect all the advantages and characteristics of many kinds of tuberous crops from domestic and abroad, adopt the world advanced hydraulic type continuously variable transmission device,, easy operation, consume small power; the labor take the seat to classify and packing, can picking up in time and lower labor intensity.

        Technical Parameters:

        Model no. 4UZ-1
        Matched power 7.35kw
        Dimensions(L*W*H) 4400*2300*1750mm
        Net weight 1080kg
        Transmission type of driving gear Hydraulic drive
        Transfer type of conveyer belt Chain
         Model of Crawler belt 280*90*42
        Center distance 800mm
        Suit row spacing 600-750mm
        Harvesting row numbers 1row
        working speed ≧300m/h