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        Wellcome to senhai!

        Service telephone0536-8326386
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        Contact person: Stephen
        MOBILE:+86-156 2176 8988
        FAX: 0536 - 8326286
        ADD:2768, Minzhu Street, Weifang Economic Development Zone, Weifang, China
        Suhe121-2 walking tractor
        List: Time:2017-11-19

        Product Introduction:
           Suhe Brand walking tractor, model 101-2,121-2, which joined in the traction and driving functions together. When attached with many kinds of implements It can fulfill many functions, such as: plough, rotary tilling, reaper, seeder, ridging, irrigation, etc, also can be as vehicle to transport on the road.

        Model 101-2 121-2
        Overall dimensions 2190x885x1160mm 2190x885x1160mm
        Wheel track  (mm) 680-740 680-740
        Minimum Ground clearance (mm) 220 220
        Tyres 6.00-12 6.00-12
        Construction weight (kgs) 254 254
        Speed (km/h)
        1.98, 3.08, 4.98, 8.04, 12.49, 20.2
          Reverse (2shifs) 1.53, 6.18
        Rotary Tiller
        speed (rpm)
        High 275 275
          Low 219 219
        Diesel engine Model CF-190N ZH195N

        Single cylinder, horizontal,Condensation cooled Diesel
        4 stroke
        Single cylinder, horizontal, 4 stroke
        Condensation cooling Diesel
          Rated speed  (rpm) 2300 2400
          Rated ower 7kw 8.53kw